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    Post Want your servers to be secure?

    Excellent offer from server security experts!!!

    Securing Linux Servers (Cpanel/Plesk) - $30 per server
    Securing Windows Servers (Any Control panel) - $40 per server
    Nagios installation with NRPE plugins - $20
    Harddisk Restoration (Cpanel/Plesk) - $25 (Upto 500 accounts per server)
    Harddisk Restoration (Windows/Plesk) - $40 (Upto 500 accounts per server)
    Other Installation/Administration/Troubleshooting works - $15 per hour (Any Control Panel)
    Server Security Auditing - $15 per month

    Install, configure and secure VPS servers (VMware/VZ) - $45 (upto 10 VPS servers per node)

    Payment method: PayPal Only

    Please PM me for more details.

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    As per the enquiries I have received about my offer, let me explain about my services.

    1) Your prices seems to be good. But how can I beleive that you will complete the assigned tasks before the deadline?

    Ans: I have been in this field for more than 3 years and I have good expereince in working with Windows/Linux heterogenous networks. Also, you need to pay money only after finishing the work.

    2) What all packages you installed/configured on the server to ensure maximum performance and security?

    Please email [email protected] for more details about it. I will get back to you shortly.

    3) All of the above packages is one time price or what?

    I think I have explained about it on my previous post. All of the works except "Server Security Auditing" is one time fee.

    4) Will you available in yahoo/msn/aol essenger incase I need any ugent assistance in future?

    Yes. I will be online almost 14 hours per day. Or, just email me in cae of emergency, I will come online soon. :-)

    5) How much it cost if I assign some other administration works that havent mentioned among your services?

    It costs $15 per hour for extra administration works.

    Please get back to me if you have any further clarifications regarding my offers.

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