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    5GB space 50GB bandwidth}over $550 in free stuff}10hour set up}ONE TIME FEE of $350

    Hello, we still have 3 of these deals left. Also there might be more available because some peole are backing out at the last minute. The first 3 people to order one of these, there account will be setup within 10 hours. If all 3 accounts are taken you may back order the other accounts in case the person backs out.

    We are only accepting paypal for this promotion. If you are interested email me at [email protected] or pm me.

    For 1 payment of $350 you get all of the following...

    5 GB webspace
    50 GB transfer
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited mySQL databases ( all we ask is that you delete unused databases)

    Unlimited POP3 Accounts
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Unlimited Forwarders
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Remote Access to WebMail

    Unlimited FTP accounts

    PHP 4.1.2
    TCL, CGI
    PERL 5x
    Private CGI bin

    Anonymous Nameservers
    Web stats
    Password Protection
    99% uptime

    FREE HostCharge novice account ($20 value)

    FREE hosting management programs...

    Live Chat
    This is a custom built live chat system, not yet even released to the public. This chat is both windows and perl based. This means you both support and customer can use this from either the web or windows. The web interface is fully customizable, but the windows is not, but it also isn't branded with any logos at all. Also it allows you to initiate a live chat with persons just browsing your website. This helps alot when it comes to closing sales.

    The design of this is fully customizable. You may veiw the following demos.
    User Demo
    Instructions: Click create new account, and sign in with username created.

    Staff Demo
    Instructions: Login to admin and create a staff account, then login with that username.

    Admin Demo
    Instructions: Enter adm for password.

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    Question $350

    For 1 payment of $350 you get all of the following...
    Hi..The deal sounds very attractive. The $350. Is this a one time payment or how long m/y does this deal cover?

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    The life of our company or 5 years. Whichever is longer.

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    However, do remember this:

    If the company goes under in less than 5 years, then there is no more company to uphold the contract, and therefore it disintegrates, so it is only for the life of the company, the five years means nothing.

    - James

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    The contract goes out to me, not the company. So therefor legally "I" still have to obey the contract.


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    Due to lack of response the price is now lowered to $250

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    * Email

    James, I have emailed you re this plan.


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    Email answered

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