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    CounterStrike Source gameserver with sparc machine

    Hi i was just wondering if anybody has had past experience's with Sparc machines
    because im going to host CounterStrike Souce gameservers on a

    Sun UltraSparc T1 8GHz 32 Thread 8 Core version
    8Gb ram DDR2

    2 x 73GB SCSI 15,000RPM
    100MB/s Internet

    and i was wanting to know what would be the ideal numbers for
    Player Slots
    Ammount of Servers

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    i don't believe that valve has sparc compatible binaries, so it won't work.

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    Also, there is no such thing as an 8GHz UltraSparc T1. T1's either run at 1GHz or 1.2GHz.

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    I think he means because it has 8 cores running at 1ghz...

    And yeah I don't know if it would work well or at all on Source...look into the new Dual Core Opterons Socket F or soon to be 4 core opterons which would pump out some performance for you.

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    Will not work on source. I can tell you from experience (especially hosting source).

    We have a Dual Xeon server from, great pings + network. We host a private BF2-Pro server, Private Counter-Strike Source 100 Tickrate, 600 FPS server and a public Counter-Strike Source 100 Tickrate, 400 FPS server.

    Private CSS server is 12 Slots
    Private BF2 server is 20 slots
    Public CSS server is 18 Slots.

    Run's like a CHAMP.
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