I've been tossing this around for quite some time. Procrastinating on whether or not I should do it and/or how. Well here it is.

As a member you receive access to my personal daily drop list. Over the years I have been creating my own daily drop list. This is a list which you will not find "anywhere" on the web. Yes they are the same names, in the same lists, that everyone has. But I can guarantee that you will not find a list of quality generic names bundled up and served on a silver platter like this.

On any given day there are around 400-500 names in my drop list so there's plenty of names for everyone to chase after. In addition I will be adding available names in many extensions from the hundreds of words lists I have compiled over the years. At the moment it will only contain good generic names in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us. I may or may not add other extensions at a later point. I do plan on adding additional services in the future.

Only a limited number of memberships will be sold. Billing will be thirty days from your signup date. If payment isn't made on or before that day your membership will be suspended. You will have 7 days to complete payment or you lose your membership spot. I will accept reservations which will fill spots not renewed in the order they were requested. If you lose your spot you go to the back of the line.

The monthly membership fee will be $30

Personally I believe just receiving the above information is worth $1 a day but.. I will begin posting available names today 9-12. Early bird gets the worm. If you like what you see in the lists before you now you can assume whats behind closed doors will be much better.

I ask that you not post the lists anywhere else. If I find that the lists are being duplicated and/or posted elsewhere I reserve the right to immediately suspend your account and NO REFUND will be given.

Also if I find you are being a greedy member and registering every single available name posted then for all members sake I will suspend your account aswell. Besides if you have that much money to throw around just put me on payroll.

Which brings me to. If for some reason I decide to either quit providing the lists there will be sufficient notice given. If a particular member and/or company decides they want the lists for themselves a full refund will be given to all members for any unused time and likely even a full refund for that month altogether.

Will you I be cherry picking?

Why $30 and not free? Simply put there is no free lunch. Free doesn't pay the bills. I'm essentially going to be eliminating myself from the drop game because everything that I have learned over the years on what to look for and what I would buy/sell is going to be given to the members.

I spend atleast 8 hours a day datamining and at times I may spend every waken hour doing so. More or less if you're a newbie to the business this is a jumpstart into the business. If you've been in the business for quite awhile and don't have the time to do the datamining this solves you problem.


Goodluck! BTW feel free to post any questions and or comments on the lists.