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    Lightbulb for sale, banners, animations, unique video....for $1200


    I started the in October 2004, as a well-known designer, I designed the site myself and a professional team coded the site, later the payment system is set up. sells rugs and kilims hand-woven by native women of Anatolian tribes, made from 100% natural wool and 100% organic, eco-friendly, plant-vegetable dyes.

    The design is different than many online rug store or rug company websites.We have illustrated characters, an old sweet rug seller, a girl woving rug etc. I tried to make a website, that customers/visitors can feel safe and comfortable.It is also very easy to navigate in this simple but eye-catching website.

    When I finished the design, the next step was advertising and marketing.Unfortunately, I am far far away from these subjects and I lost all my interest and turned back to my design business.It is more fun and what I do best.
    I was thinking that rug store could be a profitable sub-business, but it was not long that I see the importance of marketing.

    Now, I decided to sell the business, actually the website and the domain if the buyer interest in the domain also.

    The site is designed to be user-friendly, warm, easy-to-navigate website with cute mascots.
    There is also an exclusive documentary video, showing the steps of development of natural, hand-woven, wool rugs.

    I tried to make it a website giving too much information on natural wool rugs.How native women of Anatolian tribes woving the rugs, how they produce organic, eco-friendly, plant-vegetable dyes, what are the meanings of symbols on rugs, etc.

    “Why we are special” and “F.A.Q” pages are full of information like this, and people, especially green people like to get these kind of information.

    · It is very easy to add/remove new products to each category
    · It is very easy to add new questions and answers to F.A.Q page
    · Payment system is ready, it works on my 2checkout account at the moment.
    · An affiliate software is set up and working fine at the moment.
    · You can easily promote different products on homepage, just replacing the flash file
    · There are 3 main product pages; Rugs, Kilims and Accessoires
    · Why we are special page has lots of information, photos and the video on production steps.Interesting reading for anyone interested in natural, handwoven rugs and kilims.
    · A contact form is added on contact page
    · Christmas page design is very attractive and it will be fantastic to promote your Christmas selling.
    · All illustrations and their source codes are included in the price. (except the source file of Christmas page Santa Claus animation)
    · Domain is included in the price.
    .There are 8 great cartoon banner, flash or static, please check.

    I didn’t make any advertisement and there is not much visitors of the site at the moment, there are 450-600 unique visitors/month.

    It is also possible to buy the business and continue under the same domain but, as your business.The kilims and accessoires are also for sale, I can continue to supply the same quality kilims if buyer needs.

    The price is $1200, full payment required before transfering the site and referrences available if requested. Only the illustrations cost $800-1000 in the market.

    I believe this can really work in the hands of a marketing pro, I just can't do it.

    You can even get it for graphics and website design, it is still worth it with this price.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Mehmet Saygin

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    Interesting indeed, so are those rugs sold through an affiliate program and we get a comission on each sale? please explain a bit more about this.


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    Actually, there are only few affiliate members yet.

    Now, there is a source for those rugs here, I buy the rugs from them, put them on my website and sell with my profit.It is a web commerce.
    Affiliate members can put the banners on their site and I pay the commision to them after a sale.

    The good point here is the prices on the source, here, are really low and if you have a good traffic and marketing info, you can make huge profit.The Christmas products are really interesting, just in following Christmas you can get all your money back easily.
    I really want to make it work for myself but I suck at marketing and commerce, I am a designer.

    I will help the buyer to contact the source for his/her future orders.They ship worldwide.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions

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