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    ENSIM and perl 5.6.1 ... damn!

    Hello everybody

    this is the question:
    I was updating a server where there's the Ensim Control Panel. It seems that the default installation of Ensim does not include some IMPORTANT perl modules like DBI, DBD::mysql and others...

    well, the problem is that i've tryied to install DBD modules through CPAN and it immediately started the installation of Perl 5.6.1... the result is that I have 2 perl installed:

    /usr/bin/perl (default installation of Ensim) and /usr/local/bin/perl (the new one). What should I do?

    perl -v says 5.6.1

    Old perl and ENSIM are still working fine , but whenever I try to do a "make" or install new modules through CPAN , it finds errors because it finds wrong paths (I suppose the @INC is the problem)

    I cannot update perl 5.006 because it checks the modules installed on 5.6.1 version, but also I cannot update the new version because it generates several errors

    Can I uninstall perl5.6.1? I doubt...



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    Hehe, now you know why I plan in ditching Ensim and finding another solution...

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