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    As yall know the webhost business is like a jungle. Even in small tiny Denmark it's hard to make the "right" choise and pick a webhost... So I could need some help here.

    For a small project site what we need is some kind of a reliable webhost for a very cheap price. I know the saying, "you get what you pay for" , it's very true but the project situation doesn't allow us to pay alot.

    What we need is something like this...

    20-30 mb
    As for monthly transfer don't know...

    Recommend the best and cheapest webhost you know of, and we would be thankful

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    Your requirements are very basic and you shouldn't have any problem finding a good host. Post them under Web Hosting Request forum and you'll find the best available price. You will be thrilled on how many company will try to get your business. But do beware if the price is too low. It should not be more than $8 and lower than $4 per month.

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    Oki thanks - I'll do that then.

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    I would suggest that you use a host search web site like etc.
    Alex B.

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