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    Windows Hosting Clients for Sale

    Due to a recent diagnosis, I can no longer sustain our small hosting company unfortunately.

    We have a few resellers and probably about 100 domains. The average cost for most of our clients is $15 a month. They are using Helm with SmarterMail and SmarterStats. Some use MSSQL. And some use Frontpage Server Extensions

    I am not looking for a partner, but I am looking for someone who can take care of these clients. Some of friends and a lot are close acquaintances.

    My business partner will be handling the sale and I will be able to help make the transfers. Please email - russell (at) for consideration and more information

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    How much you looking for them and how much do you get monthly from them. how much are the server costs you pay?


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    Hi Corey, Can you give me a break up of the clients and wheather you are willing to sell clients sepratley. Can you also set your starting bid and you BIN price. I will be also looking for the monthly income you are reciving from these clients, Also it would interesting to know how much of these clients are based on a monthly payment and how much on anually. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the posts and the PMs but please email my business partner at the address I posted above. Due to my schedule he will be handling most of the business transaction. I will be doing my best to help migrate the customers over to your servers once everything is finalized.

    BTW some of the components we have installed:
    Microsoft Content Linking Component
    Microsoft Browser Capability
    Microsoft Content Rotator
    Microsoft Ad Rotator
    Microsoft Logging Utility Component
    Microsoft ServerXMLHTTP
    Microsoft XMLDOM Component
    Microsoft XMLHTTP Component
    MicrosoftFileSystem Object
    MicroSoft ADOX Catalog
    Windows Script Shell
    Windows Script Network
    Script Encoder
    Microsoft XMLDOM 3.0 Component
    Microsoft XMLDOM 4.0 Component
    Server Objects - ASPMail
    Server Objects - ASPQMail
    Server Objects - ASPImage
    Server Objects - ASPPop3
    Server Objects - AspNNTP
    ServerObjects - AspFile
    ServerObjects - AspHTTP
    ServerObjects - AspDNS
    ServerObjects - Last Modified
    Persits - ASPEmail
    Persits - ASPUpload
    Persits - AspJpeg
    Dundas - ASPMailer
    Dundas - Upload
    Dundas Mailer
    Dundas Mailer
    Dundas Upload
    Dundas Upload
    Chestysoft ZIP
    Chestysoft Image
    LinkPoint DLL
    Verisign SDK

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