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    A little help with MySql

    I have some windows boxes and was wondering if I can install websites on one server and MySql on another server dedicated just for MySql does this work? Can the customers pass the database info back and forth? This is thru private IP's just using the port number.

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    Well it works just find doing that on *nix boxes, so I would assume it would work on Windows boxes (I have no experience with that).

    Normally when you connect, you'd say "localhost" for the machine name. You'll actualy have to put in the host name where mysql is running.

    You can check your my.cnf to get the port number that mysql listens on. I can't remember it off the top of my head.

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    You *should* have no problems doing this on any platform. I've done it with Windows, and I know that it CAN be done with nix.

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    Thanks, you guy's are great
    Never let them see you sweat! besides it could stain your shirt.

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