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    Questions regarding Helm Support & Helm 4

    I have a couple of questions pertaining to HELM & HELM 4 in particular

    1. How is the support levels with HELM - they have a flat-charge for support per year - how responsive are they towards problem resolutions.

    2. The "Controller" Server - what is the basic functioning of this server. If the controller server were to crash, would the other (remote) servers for example DNS, Web, DB, Mail, etc. continue to function?

    3. Can two controller servers be deployed for purposes of redundancy?

    4. Generally speaking - how stable & secure is HELM vs. say Plesk (as we have predominantly been a Plesk User)
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    Helm is best control panel and really we should appreciate their support.

    Helm is a cluster control panel. well, if the helm server is down it will not bring down all the services like DNS, DB.. only thing we can't manage it though helm.

    I don't think you can have two control server. But it is clutered one and not like plesk.

    My opinion is HELM is best while comparing to plesk.
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