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Thread: high Send-Q

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    high Send-Q

    hey guys

    i run a counter service and i've got some users sending tons of data causing a huge server load, but my counter software doens't have a feature to find them by daily hits (soemthing i'll be adding to the admin side), so i'm trying to find , through the server, what ip's are sending my server lots of data, so..

    firstly i've tried #netstat + awk + sed

    which lists local and foreign addies, and Recv-Q and Send-Q, i have a few ip's with Send-Q over 10k, does this mean anything?

    does anyone have any ssh command that will list referring ip's, if possible in some sort of order?

    how to i block referrals from ip's via ssh?

    my sleeping processes seem to be directly related to load, when it's high the sleeping processes are around 400, and any increase or decrease in the processes is directly relfected in the load. Any command that lists sleeping processes? anything i can do about that?


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    Referring IP's in SSH? Who would be referring people to your SSH?

    "ps ax" lists all processes use grep at the end to show only certain programs for example to see httpd you'd put...

    ps ax | grep httpd

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    not referring to my ssh, their sites referring data to my site on my server

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    Look into Leech Protection...that will stop people from using your scripts on their web site...

    most log programs should also provide referral information if you have a good control panel, check out the stats/logs.

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