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    Live Chat Software PHP Live

    Does anyone use PHP Live now?

    What do you think of it if so? I am looking at purchasing this software.

    I am interested in hearing about other Live Chat software but I want this thread to focus on PHP Live unless you can give me reasons to use other Live Chat software.


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    Try this:


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    I have used PHP Live, It'g good however the win app used to be rubbish.

    I now use which is great.
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    I've used php live chat, and star developer, neither is as good as live person if you can pay the fee, its usually $99.00 a month for 1 seat, the windows app is fantastic and you can handle 5 chats at once where as with the other 2 the GUIs are so slugish you can just do 1 or 2 at most. Well worth it if you have the demand.

    Found a review at and tons of comments from other people,
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