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    Please review my new site -


    Can anyone take a look at my site and tell me what they think.
    It a database of over 16 000 fonts, all free to download. The old version had just over 12 000 downloads in 3 months.

    None problem. DOM is MSIE makes it impossible to use, trying to track down error but proving difficult as i'm not a expert in that area.

    Thanks for looking! Fonts 11,000+

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    I like it! That's how a website should be done.

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    Aug 2006
    Under Statistics:

    Memebers/Guests Online should be Members/Guests Online.

    Under Current features:

    Don't use italics, it makes it hard to read and Ability is misspelled twice.

    Under Font Genre:

    It should be Halloween not Holloween.

    Pretty good start though. Keep up the good work.

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    I like the site. The layout is quite attractive.
    But how to download the font?? It should be mention somewhere. At first, I thought the download is only for members.
    And as a guest, I cant download from Top list at home page. You should mention that too.

    As a whole, nice start.
    Keep it up.
    Find solution to every problem --->

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    That site is huge! 16,000? Do you have a team or do you work by yourself?

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    The design is fairly nice, not the best I've seen, but probably the best font site design.

    Very easy to use and search. Nothing wrong with it! But in firefox when I click on the picture of the font, a little box appears slightly above it, but with cut off text. I think you'll need to fix this.

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    Not a huge fan of this many gradients on a site. But it is functional and the layout works well for this type of site.

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    thank you all for your comments Fonts 11,000+

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    very professional

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    It looks very professional ! One can have easy search ! Its user friendly.

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    Very professional, clean and crisp design.
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    This one looks like one of those Article Submission sites i regularly visit. And yeah it is a very cool site. Nice work man!

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    Sorry to rain on the parade but the site fails to deliver in a few areas.

    I like big fonts (got a big screen in front of me). So my default font size is big. The site falls over as soon as you increase the on-screen font size.

    The font examples overspill the containing box so that the bottom is chopped off.

    When I clicked on the link I got preview line - nice idea but when I hit 'Enter' nothing happened - you need to tell me to click. And the font size is tiny, on a high-res montior it is almost unreadable. And why can't I enter colour names? It's easier type red than F00. I suspect that many visitors won't even know the Hex codes.

    But when I wanted to download I looked for the 'download font' link and couldn't see it - oh, sorry, there it is a little picture of a folder. What's wrong with using a text link?

    Last thing - 17000 uncategorised fonts! That's not the most helpful genre. But even the other genre's could do with filtering, under celtic fonts, for example, you have greek.

    Won't even mention the 130 code warnings on the home page...

    It's grumpy monday

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    very very good. The best website i have rewiewed until now. Congratulation

    keep up the good work

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