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    orders database and paypal

    i am tasked to make a simple store that has definite delivery dates. for example, the customer may order now but will want to have the order sent at a later time.

    is there any system that can organize orders by delivery dates? and still be able to be used with paypal?

    i guess a quick sample would better illustrate

    customer a
    pay sept 11, 2006
    deliver october 5, 2006

    customer b
    pay september 10, 2006
    deliver september 11, 2006


    is there a way to just look at probably an administration page that is able to list what orders need to be processed on a day?ill be using paypal so it needs to be integrated to it.


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    You need to create or customize a shopping cart with that functionality, I haven't seen any script with that yet. So I suggest to get a shoopping cart like osCommerce and customize it for that.
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