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    Business License(s)?

    Sup everybody;
    I have a few questions about business licenses.

    Is getting Incorporated or LLC the same as getting a business license? Also I am 17 years old, but have read you can still get a business license under the age of 18, correct?

    Any answers are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    No. Articles of Incorporation have nothing to do with licenses and fees imposed by your local government.

    Regardless of whether you incorporate or not you will need to get a business license and possibly register a DBA (doing business as) name with your local government.

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    It varies depending on the country and state you are in.
    In Canada, you cannot be on the board of directors of any form of corporation, however you can own a sole-proprietorship or partnership. Where I am, unless I have people coming to my house to purchase things from me, I don't even need to have a business license to run a web hosting company.

    Hope this helps.
    The library and telephone book are great resources!

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    In Va. We had to have a business Lic. and DBA, In Illinois, they required a DBA but we had a hard time getting a business License as they don't require it for an internet company.

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    DefiantPC, I am in VA as well, perhaps I can talk to you at some point about all of what is needed? Thanks!

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    Sure pm me anytime, The esiest thing to do is visit the SBA they will send you a huge packet of info. about starting a business. You can also call your county clerks office and ask about obtaining a business license, they will point you in the right direction, and send you a DBA. to fill out. Further more we applied in 1998 in Va. Beach (Tidewater area) the rules may be different where you are.

    Regard's Mj.

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    I'm in Tidewater just you are, and the SBA is evil!...Sorry but I've heard of too many bad dealings with them...

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    Where are you from?? I know how it works in the UK if you wanna pm me I can let u know
    [email protected]
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    The SBA usually just sends a packet of info. from the website, you dont have to have any further involvement with them. We are currently in IL. here the local Gov. says its not necessary to have a Business Lic. as this is a internet company.

    The reason we need our business Lic. is because we do business face to face as well as on the internet...

    If you are doing business solely on the net you may not need one, but I would highly recommend that you have one ( at least a sole propriotership). The benefits of a Business License are that you can have a bank account in your companies name VIA your DBA, You can write off your expenses on your taxes etc...

    In Va. Beach we Just went to the court house filled out a form and gave them $35.00.

    They then had us fill out a paper for our DBA and we had to publish it in a newspaper three weeks in a row.

    Wasn't much to it.

    If you choose to Incorporate (LLC least expensive and can be run by a single owner) this seperates your personal assets from your business assets, so if you were sued it would be less likely that they could take your home etc...

    Furthermore If you are incorporated the money and assets owned by the company could not be Considered if you were sued for breaking a lease on your apt. or in evalutaions of child support payment's, or in garnishment's, leans etc...

    Oh... I guess I'm rambleing....

    Hope you get the Idea...

    Regards, Maryjane.

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