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    * MySQL Usage

    I'm currently using a VPS.
    My web site has running voodoo chat system and when My chat room reaches 100 or more users, MySQL usage is going into 99% .

    What can I do for ready to this load.

    How can I run my chat room without any interruption.

    Is there way to increase MySQL usage limit.

    Or can I host only chat database (MySQL db) in another server ?.

    If so where I can find Only MySQL server.

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    100 concurrent users is quite a bit, maybe your outgrowing your VPS server?

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    MySQL usage shows 90% in WHM panel.

    How can I run this high load database.

    Which is the best place.

    My Current VPS has 256 Ram, but memory usage 0.01 at that time.

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    Try upgrading your VPS plan....

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    I suggest you to go Dedicated. Layeredtech or e.g. ServerPronto

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    Hire an expert for one-time job that will optimize your mysql.

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    How can I optimize MySQL ?

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    Search is your friend:

    Good luck !
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