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    I need to purchase some traffic/advertising.

    For a media website or arcade. Give me stats and how much its going to cost me.

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    I am offering a few spots on my PR4 arcade site,
    Site averages 12.5k uniques per month and that continues to grow as we expand our advertising. Here are some Stats

    Here are the spots that I have open,
    468x60 Banner, right in the header, 5 slots at $8each per month (site wide),
    468x60 Banner on the game display page, 10 slots at $6 each per month,
    468x60 Banner in the footer (site wide) 5, slots at $5 each per month
    100x100 Banner on the main menu, 10 slots at $5 each per month (site wide),
    Text Links under Top Links, 15 slots at $3 each per month (site wide)

    No adult or warez, or hacker sites. All ads must be child friendly. No flash banners that make sound.

    Banners are tracked with phpadsnew, you will have access to view your stats.

    You can view the spots on my site, they all have a "your ad here" banner except the text links. The above prices are introductory and will gow up as our popularity grows. Quantity and long term discounts can be arranged. If you see another spot on my site you like, let me know, we might be able to work something out.

    Payments by paypal. PM me for payment info.


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    For a media website or arcade. Give me stats and how much its going to cost me.

    Hello there. I have a network of entertainment sites. Here is the best of:
    Daily unique visitors: 3000

    Ad spots available:
    Text links
    468x60 banners

    Text link - $15 for a text link sitewide with no click limite (this option is very good for clicks)

    468x60 banners - Advertising packs of 100,000 pageviews for only $25 ($0.25 CPM)

    Contact me if interested or for more info.

    Thank you

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    Hello, I have a PR4 site, 1000+ unique visitors a day.
    I am selling site-wide links that also have good exposure (top left side)

    21$/6 months

    Payment: Mooneybookers, Webmoney

    (or arangements trough paypal)

    site is heron-productions

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    $3 for 3 months, i have pr4 links, not alot of traffic however. More of a PR builder really. PM if interested.

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    Real uniques

    placetraffic ( dot ) com can get u 1000 hits for just 8$.
    You will really feel the difference unlike other such traffic as there are real CTR's
    Just check that out

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    Please check this thread for advertising options -

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