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    Can anyone help me with this ?

    I am planning to make a site related to my hosting business.
    what I want to be done is , when people fill the form with their domain name , automatic account gets created in WHM , and a predefined PHP file gets uploaded to that domain's ftp. and that php file will be connected to a central database.
    I have been doing research and found WHMAP that does provide automatic creation of accounts in WHM.
    but my other problem still remains unanswered , can someone help ?

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    you can make default page, it is standard cpanel option.
    I can not remember where exactly that page is, but go to cpanel forum and you will find it easy.
    Default page will be automatically created for every new account, I use that option for more than two years.

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    here it is
    whatever you put in this folder it will be copied to new accounts

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I will try this one

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