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    Need help /w a script.
    Well i just opened my website about 5 days ago. I have 2 questions to ask?
    #1: Im running a paypal cart. They will only let me use an image as a link for view cart. I cant use text. If you look at the site all my links have rollover except view cart ebcause it is an image. I dont know how toc hange the script to get it to link to the cart but witht ext instead of an image. Help would be cool.
    #2: Does my site look legit enough to when a consumer views it, he/she will say this site does not seem like a scam?
    I am also looking for cheap yet affective ways to advertise.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to read and your criticism, ideas, and help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, to be blunt, your site could use a lot of work. It definately doesn't have that professional feel to it.

    It's extremely monotone in color choice.

    I would start by actually using a sans-serif font, and not the default serif one, e.g. Times New Roman.

    You have a horizontal scrollbar, and I'm in 1024x768.

    Get rid of the scrollbar within a scrollbar. It's actually quite annoying.

    And realistically, any site that's selling something, at least in terms of clothing, the last thing I want to see is PayPal as my only option for buying something.

    So, to answer your question, yes, it does scream "scam" when I go to it, especially with PayPal being used. I feel like if I were to order something and pay you, you would just take my money.

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    A couple of minor things which reduce the overall feel of the site:

    1. Your menu bar isn't really a proper menu, but just a list of links with spaces between them. As result, when you hover over/out of an item and it changes back and forth from italic, all the text to right shifts with it.

    You need to make the menu a proper menu using lists and CSS (and I see that your page already uses CSS, which is great).

    2. The header image is overly compressed, with visible pixelated artifacts around the words. You need to use a lower compression setting, or use a GIF instead of a JPG.

    3. On the FAQ page, under the second item ("What shipping carrier is used"), your company name says BLUE bay and not BLEU bay.

    4. The use of underlined text for headings on various subpages (FAQ page, disclaimer page) is confusing, because it makes the headers look like links, which they are not. You should probably make the headers non-underlined, but in a larger, bolded font size.

    5. Back to the menus again, there is no visible cue on the menu bar as to which page you are on. Converting the paragraph text you have there to a properly styled CSS list will solve that.

    6. The use of all those <span>, <font> and "inline" tags somewhat defeats the purpose of CSS. These could all be structured more cleanly to make the code smaller, more legible, and easier to modify.

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    As a followup to my last post, here are a couple of links for CSS-based navigation menus. I've used a couple of them in the past and they work great:

    However, given that you're working in FrontPage, I don't know how easy it is to integrate one of them, clean up the code and prevent FP from regenerating all of its tag soup.

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    Moved to Web site reviews. That's obviously what this thread has become
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    as for me, design could be improved - visitor must want to buy your product or just want to see all items
    from technical side - html is last centrure technology, also hosting is low as for me. read PM please
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