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    Radio Live not needed though

    Hello everyone. I have been searching through the forums here for the last few days. Awesome info! But I thought I could get better answers for what I have in mind starting a new thread.

    I am looking to start a radio show, but not live at this time. I am looking to record the show and make the edits then air it. I would love for the people to be able to download the show or stream it from my server.

    I keep looking at shoutcast but I am not sure that is what I am looking for.

    What way would you go about this. I have had people say just let people download it only. That is all fine but I also would like to offer it as a stream if possible.

    I am just starting out and am looking for something that can be ran on linux and is open source if possible. As the editing software is costing enough now.

    How would you go about this. I want to do live in the future also. But not right away. I know I will have mistakes I will want to edit out. thanks guys. I am ok at soding and what not but not an expert by anymeans.

    I tried to set up the shoutcast server but it just seams like to much for what I want to do. I have a server and do not want to pay for more hositng for this as I have plenty of bandwidth. 2000GB a month for this.

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    why do you want to stream while you have the file to download? I can't understand this.
    you can just make two choices: Listen (.ram file), Download (.rm file).
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    Hi Gary,

    One of clients runs a online radio station ( I am sure they would be willing to take your recorded file and stream it out a pre-arranged time for you if you'd like to go this route?

    Chris Allen

    P.S. Drop them an email at webmaster [AT]

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