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    secure forum software

    Hellp, please help me out, I'm new with hosting service...

    I am looking for a hosting service that provide secure forum for a small group of users (about 30 users). We want to have a highest trust in the software and hosting services, that the site's content (legal !!!) are not accessible to unorthorized users, include the host company. The forum is to post confidential discussions and documents. I don't want to manage a dedicated server, is VPS a good choice and should be trusted? What kind of forum software that I should look for to be provided by the host service? I know there are several kinds like vBulletin, phpbb...which one is the most reliable in term of security/authentication etc...
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    I would definitely look into vbulletin or invision power board and have someone more experienced with it to set it up for ya to make sure everything is password protected for the forums and registration is disabled etc...

    A VPS solution sounds very reasonable but I would make sure first that your forums are setup correctly and maybe have someone double check things over.

    If you want to go for a VPS definitely make sure you go for a managed VPS Solution.

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    vBulletin hands down, but it's not a free license from any host. If you want quality you must pay for it, check for rates.

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