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    VERY BAD experiences dealing with and

    I'd like put a warning out to everyone dealing with or and MSV_AR - Our company ( was hired to complete a large web site design job ( ) months ago in which we completed and worked through many designs, puting in over 20 hours worth of work.

    At this stage Michael Sanduval who hired us for this job has completely bared all commuication and has hide from us so we could not bill him for the work or complete the job.

    I've heard they have a bad reputation, but I'm putting this warning out to all that intend to do business with Michael and his companies, or It's pretty poor, considering their a company of decent size.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the matter.

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    Doesn't sound like a very pleasant experience, have you tried contacting Michael here via WHT and did you try calling them? Also were you paid anything at all such as a down payment 20-50% etc..?

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    i've tried numerous times to contact Michael, the fact is he doesn't want to reply, or prefers to ignore the situation. No payment was made as we don't require upfront payments until the client is happy with the design. In which we're about to agree on a final design.

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    The design was never completed, and I don't know where you are coming from with these allegations.
    The ONLY thing that had been completed was a mock up of the front page - at which point, we both agreed to take a hiatus from completing the site due to the owner of the site not having enough time to dedicate to giving you revisions.
    We had never entered into a contract, you were making a mockup for our viewing and were going to receive a yes or no to complete the rest of the site, had we liked the results - this was the agreement stated by you yourself.

    Secondly, the design that you were hired to complete was never for OrangeFiber or AlphaRed, I must've mentioned that atleast 4 times while talking with you.
    Thirdly, I have never ignored you, I always got back to you via email regarding your questions.
    Fourthly, I do not own Alpha Red or OrangeFiber so, they are not "his companies".

    Considering the design of the site was put on hold, which we both agreed to a couple months back, I don't see what the problem is - the only thing you have done now, is to completely destroy any chance of receiving work from me or the company you were designing for.

    I will not comment on the quality of the work, which is what required most of the work regarding revisions, nor the statement of me "hiding" from you. How is that so? Have I ever blocked you on my instant messengers, have I banned your email address? You are absurd.
    I don't see how a mockup of one page (which from what I recall wasn't complete), took you 20 hours either.
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