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    UNIQUE Professional Web Hosting Template / BARGAIN PRICE


    Today I'm offering custom made, TOTALY UNIQUE modern HOSTING template.

    HOSTING TEMPLATE (two pages in HTML/CSS + PSD)

    • HTML/CSS pages (one main page, second webhosting compare page)
    • Original graphics and icons.
    • PSD
    • Never used
    • Will be sold only once!
    • You get all rights (inc. resell)


    BIN - only $150!


    Please send your offers via PM.

    Payment Method: only credit card

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    Is it still for sale? If so do subpages come with this,

    Also how much more can you charge if I wanted banners and business cards made out.

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    Yes, it is still for sale. This template includes main page (as on preview) and subpage with webhosting plans table. Those two pages are fully coded in HTML/CSS.

    As I said - it is custom made, never used before and will be sold only once. You will get all rights, include resell rights.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me!

    Thank you

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    Great message!

    Only now! BIN LOWERED!!!

    For all package you will pay only (!!!) $120!

    Great offer, don't lose your chance!

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    For those who PM - yes, it is coded, with 2 pages, and still available for sale!

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