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    Selling a very reputable hosting company

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to Sell my Hosting Company. My reason for doing this is there are other things I want to get into and I feel that would interest me more. The hosting industry has been very good to me and although I don't completely plan to leave it all because I have my hands in some other companies I do not have the time to control this one. My hosting company plans to bring in around $80-$85k this year if it idles and I don't advertise anymore. I am looking for serious buyers here, so only message me if your serious. Before answering anything more then general questions, I will require a NDA of course.

    Included in the package are:

    * The clients (shared) (cpanel/whm)
    * The website
    * 15-days post-sale support for customers
    * The servers housing client accounts
    * Leased servers
    * Techs handling support.

    This company has very minimal fees and has a great trained support team. There is software that is included with this purchase as well as hardware.

    I'm not interested in partial sales or multi-month payment plans.

    Please PM me with any questions you might have or offers. You can email general offers then if they seem in the ballpark, I will have you send me an NDA and we will talk more.

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    How many clients? Expenses (server costs)?
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    Around 600 clients. Shared and Reseller, also you get some web design jobs throughout the year, I will pass along all people I use so you can continue this.

    $1,500 Support (24/7/365 live chat, support ticket, server monitoring)
    $600/Month in Server bills
    Then there are a few small other fees.

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    My hosting company plans to bring in around $80-$85k this year
    And without disclosing more than you have to... the current client monthly revenue is? The quarterly? the bi-annual? the yearly?
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    6k-10k is the average monthly revenue.

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    Any clients aware you are planning to sell?

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    No they are not, but I will not sell to someone unprepared that can not offer the support that I do, anyways with my clients, they think I'm just an employee (a few know I'm the owner) but I like them not to know.

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    I appreciate all of you for contacting me, I am still accepting NDA's

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    webhosting for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by sellingsite03
    Hello Everyone,

    * The servers housing client accounts

    Are any of these servers owned?


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    All but 2 are owned.

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    any more questions?

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    Just a note, be sure that you have a scanner and can email me back the NDA.

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    What's the best offer? If everything is on the up and up, we are willing to offer a tenative cash offer of $40,000.00 plus we handle all legal fees and escrow agent fees.


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    Please do not make an offer in here, but I will tell you guys, no offer below $100k will even be taken seriously.

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    I do wan't to make a clarification, If I stopped right now and my company ideled at what it's at it would bring in $92k in the next year.

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    I would also like to renote: payment must be made in full.

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    Still accepting NDA's

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    Ok, did everyone that sent a NDA get the general info?

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    Someone wanted to know if my support team will move with the company, the answer is yes.

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    I'm very interested in purchasing your company. My team and I have aquired a few companies of your size before (we proceeded through once we agreed on the terms) and we haven't lost a single client as a result of the new ownership. We truly believe in providing a "Quality" hosting experience with amazing 24/7 Support via Phone and Help Desk. Anyway, please send the NDA to [email protected] when you get a chance.

    Brandon Mizrahie

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    Ok, I will get one sent today.

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    did you get the NDA WEBUYHOST?

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    Any body else want a NDA?

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    nice company , good layout, so if you are doing 85k revenue, you want about 14-15 months gross revenue? I dont know if you can get that here on wht , maybe 10 months or 12, id be interested if if it was in that range

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    Did this ever sell? I never ended up receiving an NDA. Haven't had a heck of a lot of time to check back over the past couple weeks, so I apologize for bringing up an older thread., a Digitally Justified Company
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    No, it hasnt been sold, if you can make a bid of $100k+ let me know and I will get you a NDA and info for you, just give me your email.

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