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    HOST-US.NET is a fraud

    I wrote an enormous thread and it was lost because it told me I can't use emoticons.

    Anyway, to those of you who have heard of Rob Sandusky, you may remember his previous and now defunct venture UNITED EMAIL SYSTEMS, which is still mirrored at notech (dot) us.

    Well now he runs host-us (dot) net, which about three and a half weeks ago went dysfunctional on its customers. E-mails and phone calls ignored, their tech support, billing, support ticket center, control panels and FTP have been inaccessible to its paying customers.

    After some research i was able to get ahold of Sandusky at a personal number this morning. He was negligent to give me information on why host-us is no longer offering the services it promises to its paying customers (which is fraud), and told me he'd call me back in an hour, which he did not. He now is ignoring my calls.

    As far as I know, most of the sites it hosts are still up and running, but mine is not and has been down for nearly a month now, with empty promises to bring it back up in two hours three and half weeks ago.

    To those of you who have an account there, PM me and tell me whats' going on with you, perhaps I can give you more information so we can learn more about is happening. And if you know more than I do, please do share. He may shut down host-us, but he still has our data and at the very least we'd like it back so we can start over somewhere else. Others who use his hosting have sympathized with me.

    If you are reading this and have not heard of Rob Sandusky before, here's a pretty obvious piece of infromation. STAY AWAY from ANYTHING that has to do with Rob Sandusky. It doesn't last long and now we're dealing with a criminal offence.

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    Which domain did you host with them?

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    What's it to you?

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    Sorry to hear of your problems, though this might eventually come up, did you ever take backups of your site?
    One month is a long time to be down, and if you have any backup at all it would be advisable to just restart from there. Unfortunately, I know all too well how difficult it is to contact a host when they are intentionally trying to hide, so best of luck to you on your venture.

    As far as asking for a domain goes, it seems to be a fairly standard question asked to new users to sort of verify their review, to rule out hosts intentionally bashing other hosts by posting negative reviews all over the place under different disguises.
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