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    Vmware or Virtuozzo?

    Which VPS platform do you think is better? Vmware or Virtuozzo? I'm looking for a VPS system where i can monitor bandwidth easy and allow users to have control over their VPS. Is there a control panel for vmware? i know there's one for Virtuozzo.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Are you looking to run your own Virtuozzo/VMWare server or are you looking to purchase a VPS? If you are looking to run your own VPS node ( host server ), both Virtuozzo and VMWare have their advantages and disadvantages. In my personal opinion and experience, Virtuozzo is the way to go if you want to host more than 5 virtual environments on your host node. Virtuozzo was built with the shared environment in mind and its shared templated based system works extremely well for this. It also generally outperforms VMware because of its shared kernel/resource architecture. However, if you are looking for a system where you can run different kernels, architectures ( windows/linux ) on the same host node and you don't want to be hit with SWsoft licensing fees, vmware is definitely the way to go.

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    VMware has nothing like this, if you want VPS monitor and bandwidth monitor it would need Virtuozzo Power Panel.

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