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    google blacklisted?

    Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of keyword repeats on a page before google drops your site from its indexes, also how about number of links from one page? I'm just trying to find out why google still hasn't indexed my website since february

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    Can you PM me a link? And Sometimes it just takes that long.

    Do you have all the required?
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    There are many reason of non indexing by google like keyword(s) spamming, duplicate content, hidden text link etc and one may be the reason that your site is still lying in google sandbox.

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    People have tried to pin down Google's algorythim for years and it's changed so often that nobody will EVER fully understand it.

    The biggest things to remember are:

    Do not repeat keywords for no reason, write all of your content like you would normally speak.
    Do not steal content, make sure everything is original.
    Having a site map, meta tags, compliant coding, etc. definitely helps.
    Do not put a million links on your website, use a common sense amount. If you need it linked then do it, forget about it otherwise.
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