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    Total Choice Hosting

    I've been hosting personal accounts with Total Choice Hosting (TCH) for about a year, with no problems.

    Recently, here at work, we moved our web hosting from another company to TCH. Now we're having email problems and no solutions from TCH, and so far no acknowledgement that the problem is even theirs. Keep in mind that I work for a TCP/IP networking manufacturer, so we know our stuff when it comes to this kind of thing.

    We were getting common error messages with various email accounts, computers and email clients, telling us to reenter our email passwords. I've seen it many times before with a variety of hosting services, ISPs etc. It's something that happens now and then and usually resolves itself pretty quickly.

    In our case, the problem didn't resolve itself, and since the problem wasn't just on my computer, I submitted an urgent tech support request (they don't have ANY phone support). The tech support person proposed a few things that didn't work, and I tried some options presented by the company in their standard online troubleshooting guides. None of it worked.

    The tech support person, after getting all the information from me, sent the _exact_ same solution, word for word, which suggests a canned response, the kind you'd expect from a company like AOL. The solution wasn't helpful, and in fact, we proved that the problem isn't with our settings, software, equipment, Internet connectivity, or anything else related to us, but to TCH itself.

    We replaced the TCH outgoing mail server in our email clients with the server from our old hosting company, who we still have an account with for the time being, and it worked flawlessly, with no adjustments or anything.

    This proves without a doubt that the problem lies with TCH. Of course, it didn't help that the tech support person was clueless and resent the same set of useless instructions.

    As of this writing, it's been a couple of hours at least since I first reported the problem, and I haven't received any sort of reply from TCH even though it was escalated to a management level. The ticket is still open, and outgoing email is still down.

    This is only the most recent problem I've had in the last few weeks, and I would strongly suggest you avoid TCH. They have a great feature set and a very low price, but you're pretty much on your own if you're having a technical problem. There are hosting companies out there that are on a par with TCH regarding features and price, and more than likely their tech support is actually effective.

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    Have you tried calling them?
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    I'm not sure how their e-mail servers are setup, but our SMTP servers are locked down with authentication. This is to prevent spam problems. You should try enabling SMTP authentication through outlook (or whatever client you use), theirs maybe setup similarly (especially if its asking for a username and password).

    Good luck with this issue! It gets frustrating after a while.

    EDIT: hmalekib, read his post carefully, he mentions that they do not have phone support.

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    It always pays off in the long run to test your hosts before you finally sign-up with them (Support, uptime, etc.). This is definetly an interesting issue you are experencing! Good luck and hope you get all sorted out soon .

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    Try contacting their owner Bill Kish and explain your problem to him, I'm sure he'll work out something for you. He can be reach via the billing department on working hours.
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    I think there is something missing in your settings that denied access to their server. Maybe you like to post the error message(if any) so people in here might suggest what to do
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    Before having any contacts with TCH did you ask them about their support services because it's very important to have a good one. You wrote that they don't have support through the telephone but why? I'd never be in any contacts with a hosting company if they hadn't telephone support at any time. When you choose hosting next time pay attention to this stuff!!!

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