I just opened my newest web 2.0 styled directory and it will reside on a seperate ip.


There are a few unique aspects to this project: we are only using parent categories, please find the most suitable one for your submission. We are implemeting a limit of 15 featured links per category. The pages will display a maximum of 15 links each to maximize outgoing link strength and visibility.

Grand-Opening pricing are as follows, regular permanent links $1.99 each (regular price $9.99). 1-year feature links $10.99 (regular price 19.99) each.

A limited number of permanent feature links are available for $29.99 each (up to 5 per category). 4 Sold so far.

A 468x60 banner space in the header for $59 for 1-year.

Text links under "Resources" are $32 per year.

The majority of the income from the sale of links will go to promotion and advertising of this directory.