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    secure forum software

    Hellp, please help me out, I'm new with hosting service...

    I am looking for a hosting service that provide secure forum for a small group of users (about 30 users). We want to have a highest trust in the software and hosting services, that the site's content (legal !!!) are not accessible to unorthorized users, include the host company. The forum is to post confidential discussions and documents. I don't want to manage a dedicated server, is VPS a good choice and should be trusted? What kind of forum software that I should look for to be provided by the host service? I know there are several kinds like vBulletin, phpbb...which one is the most reliable in term of security/authentication etc...
    Thanks a lot


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    "are not accessible to unorthorized users, include the host company"

    takes a little extra work. Get a FreeBSD dedicated server, 6.0-RELEASE or higher.
    Have them partition the machine with / swap /var /tmp /usr and /data
    [1] Use geli(8) to encrypt /data after system boots with a key inputted from stdin or file
    Make sure you dont leave the key on the box.

    I imagine if your tech can setup geli remotely she can secure your vbulletin and force people to use ssl...


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    out of forum software i believe vbulletin is still the best, as long as you keep updated and dont let a security update pass by , the rest of your request can all be done internally with the software itself.
    You only need to choose a host to host your vbulletin forum, thats all.
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    If you don't want your host to have access to your Database, then I'd suggest hosting it yourself. Remember, while the outside world won't have access, the networks administrator will have access to everything

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    VB bulliten would probabaly be the best folowed by IPB and to also help make it more secure you could install an ssl cert on the domain.

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    VBulletin and SMF are my favorite. I suggest Simple Machines Forum if you want a good free forum solution.

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    SMF for me as well, it's pretty nice looking and haven't heard much about security problems.
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