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    Unhappy Webalizer is not working, please help

    Hello everybody, I'm using webalizer on an cPanel server (redhat enterprise 4 with cPanel latest Release tree).... and since some days it is not working at all for 1 important domain...
    The problem is when I click to see the stats.. and a blank page appears saying that can't find the log file..

    I already tried running:


    But that doesn't help to fix the problem..

    Any ideas ??

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    any ideas please ??

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    The problem you are having could be due to a nonexistent log file or the log file is so large that no more stats can be logged to that file(usually beyond 2 GB). You would need to crop the file in the latter case.
    Webstats programs(including webalizer) are updated from the domlog file. Domlog files are located at /usr/local/apache/domlogs/
    Check the file /usr/local/apache/domlogs/domainname

    You can also do a 'df -h' on the server and confirm that all partitions on the server have enough space.

    After correcting the problem with the logs, try running /scripts/runweblogs - the name says it all!
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