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    Need a shared windows host that will allow with framework 2

    I am looking for a shared windows 2003 hosting that will allow for applications with framework 2 installed.

    Right now, we are having trouble setting up an application because of the full trust setting. Many apps need to be rewritten coming from earlier versions.
    But if medium trust is set, that is fine but we need the server folks to be able to work with us and get the app up and running. Many servers set aside servers with different settings and policies even with medium trust set so we can get the apps running.

    So I will sign up today if we can get our apps to work


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    Many of the smaller hosts will work with you to get custom setups going. Look around, you should be able to find a lot hosts offering ASP.NET 2.0 and are willing to tweak settings. I can probably recommend a couple if you let me know your disk space and bandwidth requirements.

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