jinarigo Backup Manager
The Backup Manager is a .NET 2.0 based windows application, which provides easy backup management for your cPanelŽ* accounts.
Automatically initiate and download full backups of your accounts to your local machine or copy the backup to a remote server.
In case of data loss or HDD failures on your server, you will be able to provide your host with a copy of the downloaded backups, so that they can completely restore the account again.

Get easy backup management on the user-, reseller- and even root level.
If you are the owner of the account or know the password for it, then the Backup Manager can download the backup for you.
If you want to create backups using your reseller or root password, then you can get the backup uploaded or copied via scp to a remote location, e.g.: your own account.

It is possible to run the Backup Manager from the command line, so that you can set it up as a scheduler task for your daily, weekly and/or monthly backup routine.

*cPanelŽ is a trademark of cPanel, Inc.

Price: We are currently running a special where you can get a single user license for just $29.95
This special offer is only valid until Sept. 30th 2006.

Features & Screenshots:
A full list of the features is available here: http://jinarigo.ca/index.php
for screenshots visit: http://jinarigo.ca/screenshots.php

You can place an order here: http://jinarigo.ca/buy.php

If you have any questions about the Backup Manager then feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

Please note: a brandable, multi-user license version for resellers and hosts will be available soon and we are currently looking for 3-4 companies to be featured on our example & feature pages.
For further details please visit: http://jinarigo.ca/buy.php