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    Resellers From 3.50/Mo, Cheap ClientExec + We support you AND YOUR CLIENTS!!

    Hi everyone!

    In celebration of this new hosting service I would like to offer coupons only available on WHT. In my opinion the prices are already quite reasonable but this will hopefully attract more people.

    Server is the SoftLayer datacenter, in the well-known INFOMART telecom hotel near downtown Dallas. We have 4 Tier-1 bandwidth providers: Verio, Abovenet, Savvis and Internap.

    Test IPs: &
    Test Download: 10MB & 100MB

    We take daily backups of all your data including emails and databases, and they are stored at a different physical location. This is for all accounts on the server (even those resellers create).

    cPanel Shared Plans
    VT6 Lite - ORDER
    • 500 MB Storage Space
    • 10 GB Bandwidth (~1,000,000 Hits)
    • Host 1 Domain (
    • £2.50/Mo
    VT6 Plus - ORDER
    • 2000 MB Storage Space
    • 20 GB Bandwidth (~2,000,000 Hits)
    • Host 2 Domains ( &
    • £5.00/Mo
    VT6 Ultra - ORDER
    • 5000 MB Storage Space
    • 30 GB Bandwidth (~3,000,000 Hits)
    • Host 3 Domains ( & &
    • £7.50/Mo
    WHM Reseller Plans
    VT6 R-Lite - ORDER
    • 1000 MB Storage Space
    • 10 GB Bandwidth (~1,000,000 Hits)
    • Create 10 cPanel Accounts
    • £3.50/Mo
    VT6 R-Plus - ORDER
    • 2500 MB Storage Space
    • 15 GB Bandwidth (~1,500,000 Hits)
    • Create 25 cPanel Accounts
    • £5.00/Mo
    VT6 R-Ultra - ORDER
    • 5000 MB Storage Space
    • 30 GB Bandwidth (~3,000,000 Hits)
    • Create 50 cPanel Accounts
    • £7.50/Mo
    Resellers, I have bought an unlimited license of "IntelloDesk" a very powerful helpdesk script. Anyone on the server is welcome to use it, including the customers of resellers. I personally deal with support and I have ~5 years experience with web hosting and cPanel/WHM.

    The billing system is 256-bit encrypted using a certificate signed by Equifax Secure Inc.

    Possible addons:
    Dedicated IP - £1.50 per month
    ClientExec license - £4.00 per month (resellers only and must be hosted on our server).

    Coupon code is WHT50 It expires on 30th September and 10 are available. It gives 50% off the first month excluding addons.

    Any questions please ask here.
    You can also request any custom plan, or make me an offer.

    MSN: james[at]
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    There are some errors in the above, here's the latest:

    5GB/30GB WHM Reseller Hosting
    Support For You + Your Clients
    Coupon: W3BDFF9IG5PUXIM0

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