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    Thumbs down Ace-host... ug :(

    Wow I'm glad I read these forums. I started using ace-host like almost 2 years ago and they were great, I thought at the time.

    Then, around January I was building a new site, and could barely upload anything through FTP, it kept timing out on me. I sent in ticket and they said nothing was wrong on their end. So I started thinking it was me... I even cancelled one account and got another one to see.

    Well i feel better now knowing its them so I'm bailing on all my ace-host accounts, I've emailed them tons of times about the lag problems, the pages not loading and the FTP crapping out every 30 seconds, to no avail... they just say its not them and their server is fine, i have it in writing... if thats the case i don't know what I have done to 4 different accounts to cause this for 8 months .

    I was basically thinking it was me so it would be useless to switch hosts, haha.. I guess i was a bit lazy too, having to transfer all the information somewhere else... now I see hosts that even offer to do it for you.

    Anyways, when I do a whois ir geo lookup on the IP of one of my sites, it comes out as being in a city in SPAIN?? whats with that.. I was under the impression they were United States based lol.
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    Whats the URL for the company you are talking about?

    And also, the location of the IP is rarely right...thats just where the IP address was registered not where it traces to...for example all of Savvis's IP's might say they are located in Dallas but obviously not all of Savvis's bandwidth is coming from Dallas.

    So Geo-lookups on IP addresses do not prove to be accurate, look at the actual trace and see what the IP's resolve too it usually explains it in the hostname like if it goes through lets say (Dallas) or (Chicago)... (Virginia)

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    I believe he's talking about
    I've been using HostGator for 38 months.. and it's been awesome.
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    Anyways, when I do a whois ir geo lookup on the IP of one of my sites, it comes out as being in a city in SPAIN?? whats with that.. I was under the impression they were United States based lol.
    According to their data center details ace-host's servers are located at a datacenter in Atlanta.
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    OK, does have a fair share of dissatisfied customers, last time I checked.

    They are easily confused with - which is one reason it's good you supplied the ".net" thing.
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    Ah, sorry, I wasn't aware there was an lol
    Yes, I meant

    Why would an IP show as being in spain? That I don't understand. The IP is

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    I can assure you that does reside in Atlanta. I can't say why it is showing as residing in Spain. devonblzx seemed to have a viable explanation.
    As for your slow FTP speeds, I understand your frustration and am sorry that you decided to leave us. I'm not sure what was done to try to resolve your issue, but if you'd like to contact us through our helpdesk I'd be interested in seeing what measures were taken and why we were unable to resolve this.
    There are a lot of things that can attribute to slow FTP speeds. One of the most frequent is having passive ports disabled in your firewall. Our servers use FTP over passive ports and if they are not enabled in your local firewall, you may expereince issues when uploading.
    Regardless, if you'd like to post a ticket with us and are interested in coming back, I can work out a deal for you in light of the issues you've had. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if these issues aren't resolved to your satisfaction, you can quit before then and receive a refund for your hosting fees.
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