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    Get your arcade now! ONLY BIN of $135!

    I'm desperately in need of money right now. So, I'm willing to sell off my website:

    It is currently a PR3 website.
    All the games were manually added by me and many of them are not in any other gamescript arcades.
    Lots of backlinks and submissions to dierctories (myself and paid)
    Quite a few of MySpace bulletins
    Gamescript owned license (Version 4 will be coming out and pricing for the script only will increase!)
    Already a good member base
    Free PSD design from me (that I've been working on)

    Hope to get it out of my hands ASAP. There is no revenue right now because all the advertisements are not mine on the website. I put them up for someone else for free. If you moved it to your servers, you could easily earn lots as gamescript has been known to be able to earn xxx amounts per day through YPN!

    BIN of $135! You can't get lower than that for such an established arcade site!

    Get it now!

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    Payment via PayPal.
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    hey im interested, but could i see the PSD that comes with it?
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    It's been sold. Thanks! Thread may be closed.
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