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    Problem with McAfee.... how to fix?

    I've been using McAfee anti-virus for years (it's the one I prefer) and I also just recently started using it's anti-spam feature as well last week for the first time ever. It has been working great and has been preventing 99% of spam from entering my inbox and moving it into the spam folder instead.

    But there is an odd issue... I noticed that ever since I activated the anti-spam feature that I no longer receive notifications via email when somebody at WHT replies to a thread I'm subscribed to. This is very annoying! Thinking that maybe McAfee's anti-spam thought those notifications are spam... I looked into my spam folder but the notification is not there either! If McAfee DID think that those notifications are spam then you would think that the notification message would be in my spam folder in that case but they're not.

    It's like I never received the notification at all in the first place. Does anyone else here have this problem with McAfee's anti-spam or is there a sudden problem with WHT notifications? I'm trying to fiqure out the problem and solve it because it's very annoying not to receive those notifications when somebody replies to my thread...


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    Shoot, sorry nevermind. I finally just started receiving the notifications. But it took a very long time this time... that's why I thought maybe there was a problem with my anti-spam feature... but I did receive it. Can somebody kill this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty
    Can somebody kill this thread?
    Glad to hear the problem has been solved. Thread closed.

    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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