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    (Small Jobs) Image Verification and Gallery 2.0

    1. I am in need of someone to add a image verification code to our contact form, in hopes of stopping the spam that I am getting through the form.

    2. I need someone who is very familiar with Gallery 2.0 to work with a client as a sort of "coach" to help them along with embedding the gallery into an html template and to just deal with any issues that come up.

    Please PM or email me with your qualifications and any information I might find useful. Thanks
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    1. I'd highly recommend giving the first addition a shot on your own. It's very simple and if you need assistance with it I can walk you through it. will get you started!

    Good luck with finding someone though!
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    I have free time, if you want to pm me, i'd be willing to do it free of charge.

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    My name is Alex from If you need help with setting captcha on your forms using our tutorial let us know and we can help you.

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