I am going through my worst time ever. Ive never got problem in my dedicated but since problems come across i found that support with my provider RTG-Asia is getting worse they dont even reply a dead server ticket for over 12 hours. This is very common with them.

This time my dedicated was attacked by some hackers with a script that change all index files content with hackers choise. This script inscresed load on server and i found that someone is doing something bad so i shutted down apache to avoid further damage. I promptly started restoring hacked files but i noted that someone rebooted server but it never come back online. I created support ticket to RTG-Asia but it was not replied that day. After 12 hours running here and their in their forums and support ticket system a tech felt sorry for delay in their reply. So after 12 hours someone bothered to reply & asked me for my servers ip address.

Story is quite long i just got 2 replies after in 45 hours that we are investigating. I guess i am being harresed by RTG-Asia because my reply to their tech was rude because they like always making false excuses. My data is stuck their and server is offline. Because its over 14 horus they are not repling even after repeated reqest of estimated time and the status. In last 2 replies that were saying we are investigation damges done by hacker.

What should i do in this case if provider is not helping and making me aware why he is not turning my server online.