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    YouTube Project

    I am working on a youtube type site and need to know if I should start out on a VPS or with a dedicated server. I don't expect to explode immediately with 1,000's of users but I do expect steady growth and would prefer an easy path to keep upgrading as the site grows. I have heard of server clustering but do not understand how it all works.

    The script I am running requires:

    1.) MySQL (version 4 or higher)
    2.) PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)
    3.) FFmpeg (
    4.) FFmpeg-PHP (
    5.) Mplayer + Mencoder ( )
    6.) flv2tool (
    7.) LAME MP3 Encoder
    8.) Libogg + Libvorbis (

    Are those specs standard on servers?

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    While they're not standard they would be fairly simple to install.
    My recommendation would be to go with a dedicated provider with an upgrade path: Your best initial bet in this case as you're developinging a project is to go with a vps (something I rarely recommend).

    The benefit of a VPS in this case is that your code and daemons are segmented from the other users so anything stupid you or they do will not effect the entire server.

    I don't forsee any need to immediately skip straight to a dedicated just yet: Just choose a company that has an easy enough upgrade path!

    Good luck with the hunt.
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    I have to agree with David. VPS would be a very good solution here for you. Get with a company that allows easy upgrades any time you like. I am not familiar with all the floash files you require, but I am sure most hosts will install them for you as long as they are not resource hogs.
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    Any script that requires FFMpeg, lame, etc is going to need the horese power and memory of a dedicated. You will bring a VPS to it's knees running that stuff and serving webpage content.

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