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    Celeron 3066,1024 MB, 160 GB HDD, 1000 GB Traffic 79$ p.m. no setup fee!

    This Server are still available in RZ Munich (Lambdanet) Germany:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! No Setup-Fee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All Prices per month and per Box in US-Dollar.

    2 x Celeron 3,066, 160GB HDD, 1024 MB RAM / 79$

    All boxes with 1000 GB Traffic included per month (Every further GB will be charged with 1,19$.)

    The account for the package takes place monthly in advance. Minimum term of this contract is 1 month. The term of notice is 30 days before the end of contract.

    Possible OS to install/reinstall:
    Suse 10 minimal, with Serverserv or with confixx
    Debian Sarge minimal, with Serverserv or with Confixx
    Fedora Core 4 minimal
    Gentoo 2005.1 minimal

    Controlpanel Confixx ( included (only Suse or Debian) / At present CPanel isn`t possible, we are in contact with the Distributor

    Windows we don`t support and install, sorry !

    Uninterruptible Power/USV
    Climate Control
    Fire Supression
    Reboots online
    Reverse DNS online
    Rescue-System online
    Traffic-Stats online
    New installation free of charge
    free replacement of defective hardware


    If you have questions, feel free to contact us under [email protected]
    More Information about us?

    --------------------------------------------- F.A.Q.: (thanks to user volved)

    Q) Do you allow IRC connections and legal adult content?
    A) Yes.

    Q) What network connection do your servers have?
    A) 100Mb non-capped network connection, with 2x1Gb connection uplink.

    Q) Can I upgrade X hardware on my server?
    A) Yes, as long as it is supported by the mainboard/hardware.

    Q) How much do server hardware upgrades cost?
    A) It depends on what you are upgrading and how much, email [email protected] for a quote.

    Q) Are payments for hardware upgrades per month or a one-time fee?
    A) Either one, it is up to you, email [email protected] to setup payment.

    Q) Do you offer DNS hosting solutions?
    A) No, you must run your own DNS service on your server or somewhere else.

    Q) How many IP addresses do I get with my server?
    A) You get one free IP addresses.

    Q) How much are additional IP addresses?
    A) Each additional IP address is $5.00/USD each. If you need bigger ranges, please take contact at [email protected]

    Q) Do you offer unlimited free remote reboots?
    A) Yes.

    Q) Do you offer 24 hour, 7 days a week support?
    A) Yes. We have special mailadresses to get fast support at emergency

    Q) Do you offer extended firewall protection?
    A) Not currently, sorry.

    Q) Do you offer remote backup services?
    A) Here we give small boxes to our customer, feel free to contact us under [email protected] to make offer.

    Q) Do you offer CPanel/WHM control panels for your servers?
    A) We are in the process of negotiations with CPanel developers.

    Q) How much do you charge to reinstall (format) my server's operating system?
    A) Nothing, it is free.

    Q) How much do you charge to replace defective hardware?
    A) Nothing, it is replaced for free.

    Q) What operating systems will you install for my server?
    A) Suse 10, Debian Sarge, Fedora Core 4 minimal Gentoo 2005.1 minimal.

    Q) Will you install Windows for my server operating system?
    A) No, sorry.

    Q) Do you have a test file?
    A) Yes,

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    WHT Brasil

    Talking thatīs great


    I must share with all of you, itīs a very good service:

    System Uptime 120 Days, 0 Hours and 33 Minutes

    no problens, no downtime!!
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