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Thread: custom mx entry

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    custom mx entry

    I'm trying to setup custom mail settings for a dns zone so that the mail is pointing to external network server

    The attached doesn't work
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    You need to have mail server A record.

    mail IN A x.x.x.x IN MX 10

    Makesure that your MX record always need to point to rather than IP address.

    Seems to be you have set incorrectly.
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    But the nameservers for the domai point to my server, so that is not going to work

    Could you please create a layout example of how it should look? Keep in mind the mail server is another host, the domain itself is pointin to me

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    What besty said is exactly right - make the A record (IP address), and the MX record (hostname). You can't use an IP address for an MX record, it's not RFC compliant. Alternately, you could just use an MX record of the hostname and skip the A record.

    When you're done setting up the above, make sure the domain has been removed from /etc/localdomains and placed into /etc/remotedomains

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    Please see attached.

    Does this look right or not?

    the 207's are external to the other mail server, not my local.
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