Vortex Internet Ltd has recently launched it's UK based Shared Hosting services.

We have been providing hosting via VortexWebHosting.com for over two and a half years, and trading as a Limited company for two years as of the 28th September.



Disk Space - 250MB
Data Transfer - 5000MB

Price - 4.95/month (inc VAT)


Disk Space - 500MB
Data Transfer - 10,000MB

Price - 7.95/month (inc VAT)


Disk Space - 750MB
Data Transfer - 15,000MB

Price - 10.95/month (inc VAT)

Test IP -

September Offers

Enter coupon on signup page:

Code "WHT50" - 50% Off Your First Month + 3 Further Months Free (10 Available)
Code "WHT25" - 25% Off Your First Month + 2 Further Months Free (25 Available)
Code "WHT10" - 10% Off Your First Month + 1 Further Month Free (50 Available)

A Free Domain is provided on accounts paid annually.

Further company and package information can be found here - http://www.vortexwebhosting.com/shared.html

Please contact us at sales[at]vortexinternet.com if you have any questions.