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    Time to move from Hostgator

    I've been with Hostgator for about 12 months, a dedicated box with them, and up till now no real concerns or worries.

    However, first time I need to increase capacity etc and I've been stonewalled.

    SO, I want to keep all my eggs in one basket, and need a dedicated host which will give me 750gb of storage, 15Tb bandwidth, Cpanel, transfer all my data and databases from my Hostgator account etc so that I have a seemless move (nameservers etc)

    What can anyone offer me?

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    No one will be able to promote their services on this forum so it might be hard to get offers unless you provide another means of contact.

    What are the rest of your hardware requirements and how much are you ok with spending per month?

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    Quote Originally Posted by desk2web
    What can anyone offer me?
    Check out the colo / dedicated offers forum or use the Host Quote system.
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