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    Quick Sponsorship deal needed.

    Well my site ( is growing and the users are demanding more things and i have limited abilities in php so im here the arrange a deal for a sponsor to pay for a php programmer to bring some scripts upto scratch and maybe add some more. I reckon it'd cost around a $100 for the job , this would be a one off sponsorship payment and you would get either a large banner on a sponsors page or a small button on the layout of every page. We currently have no other sponsors. We're getting at least 10,000 hits a day and its growing. Pm me , Aim at pulldover2065 or msn [email protected] , im looking for a quick deal for this. We're also looking for (non paid) staff for the site.

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    why dont you look for a php developer here and put his banner/advert on your site for the work he has done?

    I am sure some developers will give it a go.

    Gokhan Arli
    Web Developer(RubyOnRails/MySQL/.NET)

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    Doper, you know how it is, get a memeber and make them staff and get someone to code. Of course your going to get players that want to be staff or help out the game.

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