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    Exclamation UK Based Host for Sale

    We are a UK based host wanting to sell up for personal reasons. We started selling under our brand name in February of this year however have been trading for quite a lot longer. We own and operate 5 servers – 3 in the US, 2 in the UK. We specialize and have the majority of our customers in the VPS area. We bill using PayPal only and WHMCS as our billing system. I personally want to sell to a company with an existing good reputation to keep up the standard of service these clients are used to.

    Servers, clients, domain name and website(s) all included in the sale - everything!
    • We have 52 active clients
    • 36 VPS accounts and 18 cPanel/WHM hosting accounts.
    • According to WHMCS our prospective revenue for this year is just under £9000 GBP
    • Which after server costs according to WHMCS for the year gives a profit of around £3500 GBP.
    We can provide limited access to our billing system, PayPal logs for the last month at least, and further information upon signing an NDA.

    We would prefer to sell to a UK based entity to make the whole process easier however other offers will be considered. We are looking for a quick sale for personal reasons. If you require further information please feel free to email everybody requesting more information will be sent an NDA which should be scanned and returned.

    Reasonable offers will be considered – remember you take everything so it’s basically yours with no work to transfer. We receive one or two tickets per day and that’s about it. I am willing to work whenever my time allows for a period of 1 month for the receiving entity to help them get used to daily operations etc and to pass on any knowledge that may help.

    For further information and for the NDA please email [email protected]
    All questions will be answered within 24 hours, please be patient :-)

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    Received and replied. Apologies for delay.


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    Would you sell just the CPanel clients on their own?


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    Same question as above

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    are your clients currently subscibed to paypal payments or do they pay upon each invoice individually? would they need to change the payment details after the sale? thanks.
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