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    FrontPage Expert for WebHost needed

    We are looking for a true FrontPage expert (customer and server end) who can assist us with some of the problems we are constantly running into with FrontPage (we're using Plesk). We would need somebody who can initially troubleshoot some of the issues we might have (in our setup) and then invest 1 hour per day, 6 days/week to answer customer's FrontPage-related support emails and fix whats wrong. We pay $150/month for this home-based job. Position will grow over time. Please email us at [email protected], if you are interested.

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    I'm not sure if you have taken care of your problem yet but what problems are you having?? We run Plesk 2.5 on our servers and things can't be smoother..
    Please email me direct if you have any questions we can try to help.

    As far as answering customer FP questions that can be done without a problem. With over 10000 answered questions in two FrontPage Forums and a little over 6 months on Keen as a FrontPage advisors I think we can do what is needed.



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