I'm currently looking for someone to design the front-end GUI of an application currently in development.

Specifics of the application are not needed at this point in time, however, I am looking for an EXPERIENCED person that has a portfolio of past GUI's.

Anyone interested in submitting a portfolio for review should keep the following requirements in mind:

You MUST be familiar and comfortable with CSS.

You MUST have a firm grasp on the concept of a color scheme and the meanings of Complimentary, Monochromatic, and the concept of color harmonies. Neon green and /or blue are not options that should be excercised here. "XP" isn't cool. Sorry. Clean and simple are crucial.

You MUST have completed at least one application GUI previously. If the previous client is willing to recommend you, even better.

You MUST be willing and / or able to communicate via phone durring normal business hours if needed. 9AM-5PM.

Please keep in mind that this post in no way guarantees work, but I am looking for individuals that would be interested in pursuing future work, and a possible ongoing relationship for more work.

I personally freelance full-time on top of a full-time professional programming job, and have quite a few opportunities for referals that come my way.

If you can meet the above criteria, please submit your resume along with a link to your portfolio and compensation requirements to [email protected].

Thank you in advance,
Ryan Mangers