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    Rsync, is it a stupid question?


    I'm going use Rsync for the first time for incremental backup. Now as far as I understood rsync, if the size of any file is changed, rsync overwite it with the new version. Now I am going for daily back-ups, so consider this scenario

    A hacker or my server management company delete all the data in a db by mistake. Now the file size will change. Rsync is set to run after every 24 hours. After knowing that my data is lost, I would go for my back up, but it would have the changed files .. My lost data is gone?

    How to manage this situation in Rsync? As I don't know how Rsync works, so don't know if its a valid question.


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    I suggest you first read 'man rsync' and view the docs / FAQ at

    Look at the following features in the man pages

    -b, --backup make backups (see --suffix & --backup-dir)
    --backup-dir=DIR make backups into hierarchy based in DIR
    --suffix=SUFFIX backup suffix (default ~ w/o --backup-dir)



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    Alternatively, use something like rsnapshot that will keep several versions of your backups, as they change. Its always a good idea (using *any* backup system) to keep grandfather-father-son backups, so if the son is deleted, you can still restore from the father.. and so on.
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    Just to be clear, rsnapshot runs on top of rsync. It's great, and it's not an alternative, it's a smarter usage of rsync.
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