This is not the way I had planned it..but here goes anyway.

VPS's are now available:
VPS1 64MB RAM 128 Swap 3GB HD $14.95/month
VPS2 128MB RAM 192 Swap 5GB HD $19.95/month discounts or free months. Why so limited on Hard Drive Space? Simple. Most people won't need more than that..and a large amount of space on this server will be taken up with preconfigued install on the fly. Think about long would it take you to install a complete mail server? You'll be able to do it in mere minutes here very shortly.

Why are these VPS's more expensive than others? Simple-
Four times CPU resources of other VPS's
Access to other VPS's to load test and simulate users
Access to VPS's that can be reconfigured easily to try different control panels and different
pre-configured setups.

I can offer you additional things no one else will:

Free install assistance-you tell me what you want..and I'll install it for you. This only counts for software that comes at no cost..of course..sorry. I have started a conversation with Oracle..I think many people would love just to be able to take a look at how it works..and how it differs from other databases.

Free scripting assistance-Most hosts will tell you you are on your own. Not me..provided I have time...I will help as much as I can.

Access to VPS's other than your own loaded with the latest versions of development software and you can try your scripts with different versions of interpreters and stay ahead of the game with knowledge of new features..and possible future problems and security risks.

Want a taste of what already is available?
Take a look here:

Sun's application server is on that VPS as well...I wanted to get a feel for how many people really want access to this...before I go through the trouble of installing it.

There will be several VPS's...according to need...that will be able to simulate users and you can honestly load-test applications...and learn security problems and pitfalls in a controlled environment.

Starting next week...there will be computer-based training modules available to you via Moodle..installed on a VPS, of course. No additional cost.

There will be weeekly polls for you to take part in so I know what to work on...and what people truly want. Depending on what people want access to...will determine what I will work
on and provide you access to.

Even with the smaller have access to resources simply not available to asmall VPS lie that. Install MySQL..install problem..I've already done it.

Starting out..we will have a rather limited selection of OS options:
Fedora 3
Fedora 4
Fedora 5
Centos 4.3
Debian 3.1
Ubuntu 6.06
Slackware 10.2

I may offer OpenSUSE and Gentoo later...depending on demand.

Oh..even my minimum installs have everything you can expect..Yum installed..updated..even apt if you request it.

The bad news: If you judge a host on website..don't even bother with this. I was far from it's horribly basic. Also...I have to install the OS's for control panel yet...but that will come shortly. I believe there are enough of you that will want to give this a try..even with my website shortcomings.

At least give it some thought.

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Thanks for reading my ad!